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Lean Principles And Process Management of Mcdonald’s †Free Samples

Question: Talk about theLean Principles And Process Management of Mcdonalds. Answer: Presentation Lean assembling is a significant idea that assists with improving nature of administrations and furthermore assists with lessening cost of creation. Lean standards are likewise applied in industrial facility setting and help to make crafted by individuals increasingly proficient. The chiefs and the proprietors take the choices as per the tasks and creation limit of the association. Every association chooses assembling or administration process configuration as indicated by the prerequisites and a few conditions additionally influence the choices. The procedure structure an association chooses, decide proficiency and adequacy of creation (Lyons et al., 2013). Today numerous associations are applying lean standards in the assembling procedure structure through which associations are getting numerous advantages. Organizations are concentrating on creation or assembling process as well as giving spotlight on client care. The lean way of thinking can likewise be known as lean assembling, lean reasoning or Toyota creation framework. In mid-50s the idea of lean way of thinking was given by Japanese and numerous organizations are being comfortable with the idea. Prior just assembling organizations were applying lean standards for lean assembling or lean creation yet now administration parts are likewise utilizing lean standards to improve administration level. Many help businesses have applied lean standards and furthermore got benefits. In administration industry, lean standards are primarily applied to expand consumer loyalty level (Chase Apte, 2007). Numerous specialists have contributed in creating lean way of thinking. For better understanding the lean way of thinking, a few ideas are remembered for the report, for example, presentation of lean standards and materialness of lean standards in administration process plan. The organization that is taken for the exploration is McDonalds. McDonalds Company McDonalds is a well known American organization. The organization was established in 1940 by Maurice McDonald and Richard McDonald in San Bernardino, California. It is one of the biggest drive-thru eateries. The organization follows Speedy assistance framework process. First establishment of McDonalds opened in 1953 in Phonex, Arizona. Companys headquarter is in Oak Brook, Illinois in United States. Today McDonalds is the greatest café network and the organization is offering types of assistance to very nearly 68 million purchasers every day. As per the report created in 2016, it was seen that in excess of 375,000 individuals are working in this organization. Right now there are 5669 organization claimed areas and diversified areas are around 21,559. Today there are roughly 36900 outlets that are working in 120 nations. Andrew J. McKenna is the administrator and Steve Easterbrook is the president and CEO. McDonalds well known items are Hamburgers, French fries, chicken, soda pops, m ilk shakes, espresso, breakfast and sweets. In 2016, the companys income was recorded as US$24.622 billion. The organization utilizes diverse plans of action at better places. Ireland and United Kingdom plan of action is very surprising from US plan of action. The organization is centering to give excellent nutritious food in minimal effort to clients. The organization is resolved to upgrade client experience by consistently improving the activities. The organization is well known because of its great client support (Mcdonalds, 2017). Administration process plan The McDonalds organization utilizes administration process structure. The organization centers around the two products and enterprises. In McDonalds clients can interface eye to eye with specialist co-ops. McDonalds has an enormous client base offering types of assistance to numerous clients in a day. Organization manages such a significant number of clients in a day and centers to fulfill them with the administrations. The innovation McDonalds is utilizing is giving upper hand to the organization as the organization can deal with such huge numbers of clients one after another. Organization is utilizing present day microwaves, fryers and programmed drink producers to offer quick types of assistance to clients. The organization is continually attempting to give most recent innovation administrations to clients. Companys administration process plan should be adaptable to address the issues of buyers (Leavy, 2010) Writing Review In the current situation lean assembling is a noteworthy device and numerous ventures are utilizing lean idea. The exploration papers identified with lean usage idea have been distributed in many rumored diaries. In the examination papers numerous analysts have offered their input on lean execution. Lean devices are appropriate in different parts like assembling, administration, exchanging and different areas. Scientists Salem et al., 2016, completed examination on lean ideas, devices , procedures and standards in different ventures in Qatar and recognized lean advantages and difficulties. The analysts gathered significant data from various 333 associations identified with different segments like scholarly foundations, administration divisions and oil and gas segment by online overview. The outcomes assisted with understanding that in Qatar the enterprises require to give more concentrate on lean idea so as to contend at worldwide level. The examination likewise assisted with realizing that in various businesses there are contrasts in level of mindfulness and acknowledgment of lean idea. Renowned scientists Chaple, Narkhede Akarte, 2014, explored the hindrances and empowering agents in relevance of lean idea. It very well may be handily recognized by examining assembling or administration model of Indian enterprises. The analysts have examined that vehicle and electronic enterprises are significantly applying lean ideas than different businesses. The analysts likewise recognized that in any industry essentially chiefs are answerable for usage of lean idea. Numerous supervisors give significant commitment in dynamic movement. The achievement of the association mostly relies on the capacities of directors. Two well known specialists Chikhalikar Sharma, 2015, researched on lean usage on motor assembling unit. The nation chose for the exploration is India. The exploration investigated that a few components like ill-advised data transmission, squander, inappropriate control on stock administration, transportation issue and insufficient material stream make obstructions in lean usage. The issue can be understood by actualizing Six sigma, Kanban, JIT, Kaizen and TPM. Kumar, 2015 researched to make network between lean assembling components and Indian assembling industry. They distinguished the advantages of lean assembling as the idea helps in cost cutting, quality improvement and in stock administration. The scientists, ?iarnien? VienaÃ¥ ¾indien?, 2014, uncovered the hindrances and difficulties the association faces while actualizing lean idea. Lean idea assists with making an incentive to the organization and furthermore to the end clients. In lean way of thinking organizations center to lessen squander and furthermore utilize squander the executives techniques. Three obstructions association faces are process boundary, individuals hindrance and manageability hindrance. The hindrances can be dealt with by utilizing powerful apparatuses and techniques. Human inspiration can assist with expelling individuals hindrance. The top administration should give commitment in usage of lean idea in the association and the lean idea ought to be applied through detailing fitting system. The associations should give center around an incentive to the client, consistent stream, squander disposal and pull driven framework. The examination directed by Almeida Marodin Saurin, 2015, assisted with distinguishing a few dangers that can give negative effect on lean creation execution process. The specialists likewise demonstrated the characterization of dangers and the interrelation between dangers. The scientists utilized different sources like meeting, report examination and perception to gather information. The analysts distinguished that inward dangers influence the framework more than outer dangers. There are two significant stages in hazard the executives like hazard reaction and hazard observing or controlling. From the exploratory factor examination the analysts distinguished 14 dangers. Top supervisors, center level administrators and lower level chiefs contribution is required in lean execution process. Shah Ward, 2007, characterized that lean execution is a consolidated social specialized framework and the principle point is to diminish squander by simultaneously lessening inward changeability. Agreeing Gfu Teodorescu, 2014, Lean idea is all around adjusted standard that assists with doing get together of various parts. Effective lean execution helps in critical thinking. Legitimate worker contribution is required for usage of fitting strategies and practices. In the examination Chauhan Singh, 2012, portrayed about JIT, disposal of waste and client esteem. In lean assembling a few boundaries are significant, for example, JIT conveyances, multifunctional groups, vertical data framework, pull, zero deformities, and disposal of waste. Numerous organizations are utilizing JIT approach for offering some incentive to clients. Lean standards Lean assembling hypothesis for the most part centers around squander decrease. The association centers to accomplish more with less endeavors. Associations utilize a few assets in certain exercises that are really not required as the assets are not contributing in esteem. Lean standards can be applied on assembling, plan, appropriation exercises and in client care forms. The idea was established by Taiichi Ohno, a Toyota official during the reproduction time of post-world war in Japan and Daniel T. Jones and James P. Womack are the people who promoted the idea and these writers likewise depicted lean assembling in their book distributed in 1996. In lean way of thinking the organizations attempt to abbreviate time between client request and item conveyance. Long creation time expands cost of creation of merchandise. In lean creation, organizations center to diminish process duration. Lean assembling gives accentuation on 3 focuses disposal of waste, strateg

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WooCommerce vs Squarespace Commerce Which eCommerce Platform Is Best

WooCommerce has long beenâ the go-to eCommerce answer for WordPress clients. Its lightweight, loaded with customization choices, and strong of all shapes and sizes locales. Squarespace Commerce, then again, is proclaimed for its shocking topics and convenience. Since theyre both mainstream eCommerce stages, its opportunity to pit WooCommerce versus Squarespace Commerce to see which comes out on top.Squarespace is one of the more youthful organizations in the eCommerce game, seeingâ as how it started as a fundamental web designer and in the end ventured into online stores. WooCommerce, then again, has been a big cheese for a long while. In addition to the fact that it dominates the WordPress eCommerce advertise, its likewise the most well known generally speaking eCommerce solution.The purpose of this article is to assist you with settling on an educated choice about your onlineâ store stage. Both WooCommerce and Squarespace have good highlights and certain focal points over the ot her. Youll find that estimating isn't the main story here. Squarespace offers an incredible encounter for tenderfoots, while WooCommerce has what you requirement for a quickly developing eCommerce business.Therefore, we will likely look at WooCommerce versus Squarespace Commerce so you have the realities you have to make a decisionâ for your particular site. WooCommerce fills in as a module that transforms any WordPress site into a full eCommerce store. Its extraordinary for growing a brand and tweaking each part of your store.Squarespace is a smooth web designer known for its reality class formats. The Commerce plan includes essential, yet natural eCommerce usefulness, incredible for little and medium sized businesses.Pitting WooCommerce versus Squarespace Commerce: The featuresWooCommerce versus Squarespace CommerceWooCommerceSquarespace CommerceIts a totally free eCommerce WordPress plugin.Two eCommerce plans are accessible, one for $26 every month and another for $40 per month. Requires you to discover and pay for your own web have, area name, topic, and potential plugins.Each eCommerce plan gives facilitating, alongside a format library. Areas are given for nothing with a yearly purchase.Sell boundless products.Sell boundless products.The plan choices are unending, with a great many subject engineers in the WordPress people group and full control with the WordPress customizer and site files.It has a better than average assortment of topics made in-house. The topics are lovely and the highlights decent, yet youre stayed with what is given.WooCommerce expansions and general WordPress modules extend your advancement possibilities.All gave highlights are implicit. No applications, modules, or expansions are offered.It accompanies fundamental security highlights, yet youll need to locate your own SSL endorsement (or pick a host that offers that component constructed in).Basic security and SSL testaments are incorporated with your purchase.The arrangement is su fficiently basic and the client experience great for those acquainted with WordPress. Indeed, even novices ought to have the option to get the hang of it.Squarespace gives a strong eCommerce arrangement in one bundle, making it simple for apprentices, however somewhat less than what experienced designers want.It may be simple for some to settle on a decision dependent on a basic outline, yet regularly that is not the situation. Lets dive somewhat more profound into the element differencesWooCommerce versus Squarespace Commerce: PricingWooCommerce begins solid with the free module. Believe it or not, it doesnt cost you a dime to download the WooCommerce module and introduce it on your WordPress website. This implies you get probably the most remarkable stock administration and store configuration instruments available, for free.However, it is anything but an entirelyâ free ride.Sure, WordPress is free, yet you need a self-facilitated WordPress site to run WooCommerce. Along these li nes, you may wind up spending somewhere in the range of $5 to $100 every month. This estimating gets much higher when youre taking a shot at an immense site.That stated, I would financial plan around $5 to $25 every month for a startup online store.Other than that, you no doubt need a WooCommerce topic. Thatll run you somewhere in the range of $40 to $100 (once payment).Domains normally just expense around $10 every year, and some WordPress modules are either free or inexpensive.What that being stated, the expense for premium WooCommerce modules can rapidly begin to include. What's more, in the event that you need to keep those modules refreshed, youll need to pay a restoration charge each year.How does Squarespace Commerce compare?One thing is without a doubt: Squarespace evaluating is a lot more obvious. Be that as it may, the principal online store plan, called the Basic Plan, goes for $26 every month (charged annually).If youd like help for client surrendered truck recuperation, continuous bearer delivery, programmed limits, and gift vouchers, the $40 every month Advanced arrangement is required.The champ: WooCommerceIts conceivable, however far-fetched, to run a WooCommerce webpage for as meager as $5 every month. That would be on the low end for a little site, yet regardless of whether you likewise pay for a subject and some top notch augmentations, its still conceivable to come in less expensive than Squarespace relying upon your needs.Squarespace is possibly pricier than an essential WooCommerce store, yet additionally more predictable.WooCommerce versus Squarespace Commerce: Skill levelEvaluating who may appreciate WooCommerce is an intriguing undertaking. Progressed and halfway designers love WordPress for its control and customization options.Some complete apprentices may be scared by the WordPress/WooCommerce interface and the way toward setting up facilitating. In any case, WordPress has such huge numbers of preparing assets online that its very e asy to learn.Squarespace can be utilized by anybody. Theres a decent possibility that gifted engineers have no enthusiasm for the fairly restricted Squarespace Commerce highlights, however its an amateurs dream. By and large, you cannot beat Squarespace if youre attempting to dispatch an excellent site fast.The Winner: SquarespaceI like Squarespace for apprentices and middle of the road clients who arent keen on finding their own facilitating and topics. Be that as it may, numerous engineers laugh at making an online store on the platform.WordPress may appear to be somewhat alarming from the outset, however a little practice makes it available for learners and propelled clients alike.But as far as generally convenience, anybody can comprehend Squarespace Commerce to make a site.WooCommerce versus Squarespace Commerce: ThemesThis is one of those classifications where its extreme to destroy Squarespace. The whole brand has been based on making the most rich, current subjects out there .However, WordPress and WooCommerce topics are so copious. You have a huge number of alternatives to browse, so its a nearby race.However, Squarespace chops down the determination procedure and guarantees that your subjects are both delightful and useful. WordPress clients realize that you can locate some incredible topics, yet its likewise simple to pay for a terrible one.The victor: WooCommerceReputable WooCommerce subjects are significantly more remarkable than the subjects on Squarespace.However, I despite everything think Squarespace has marvelous subjects. In the event that youre searching for topic amount, WooCommerce wins without an inquiry, though.WooCommerce versus Squarespace Commerce: Extensions and pluginsSince its piece of the WordPress environment, WooCommerce coordinates with WordPress modules. Along these lines, on the off chance that you need a SEO module, go with Yoast. On the off chance that you need a reserving module, snatch WP Super Cache. Searching for a cont act structure? Contact Form 7 has you covered.Not just that, yet WooCommerce offers its own commercial center of expansions from affirmed outsider engineers (just as some modules directly from WooCommerce).Some of them incorporate WooCommerce Subscriptions, WooCommerce Google Analytics, Product Search, Product Add-ons, and numerous more.Squarespace doesnt have any modules or augmentations. Each element is implicit. Despite the fact that you despite everything get most required eCommerce devices, (similar to gift vouchers, deserted trucks, and email advertising), propelled devices are lacking.The champ: WooCommerceThis class is an easy decision WooCommerce has modules and augmentations, while Squarespace does not.WooCommerce versus Squarespace Commerce: Product managementWooCommerce smoothes out item the executives with wonderful item pages and an intelligent rundown for stock. Both computerized and physical items are upheld and you can consolidate things like item additional items a nd variants.The Squarespace item creation module has a superb structure, permitting you to comprehend your stock and make alluring item pages. Make variations and SKUs, and sell both advanced and physical products.The champ: Tie for most usersI by and by lean toward the item creation page on Squarespace, yet that is on the grounds that its so natural to comprehend. On the off chance that youre simply selling essential items, the item the executives highlights are genuinely comparative between the platforms.However, for shops with progressively one of a kind items, or shops with loads of variations, WooCommerces adaptability will be a greatly improved fit. For instance, Squarespace forces a 100 SKU limit on item variations, while WooCommerce has no hard breaking point on varieties. Moreover, WooCommerce lets you accomplish all the more intriguing things, as make totally adjustable items (you can see a case of this adaptability at Qã ¼ero Handmade Shoes).Who wins the WooCommerce vers us Squarespace Commerce battle?For eCommerce stores that need adaptability and versatility, the modules and customization choices make it hard to wander away from WooCommerce.However, Squarespace still has a spot in the eCommerce world, seeing as what number of organizations will find that they appreciate the everything is incorporated methodology with facilitating, spaces names, and subjects bundled in.Many private companies will likewise favor Squarespace in light of the simple site-building and wonderful themes.If you have any inquiries regarding this examination, let us know in the remarks beneath. @WooCommerce is better than @Squarespace for shops that need adaptability. Here's the reason

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Bullying in Schools Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Tormenting in Schools - Essay Example As a rule tormenting can be characterized as ground-breaking kid or gathering assaulting the individuals who are less ground-breaking deliberately to cause hurt. Tormenting can in this manner take three structures: physical which by and large include beating, punching kicking, pushing, taking individual assets and so on.; verbal which include insulting, prodding, nicknaming, making dangers; and mental, for example, spreading bits of gossip, controlling social connections, or terrorizing through motions or social avoidance (Ericson, 2001). Harassing in schools has become such a significant issue, that the greater part of the schools are finding a way to forestall it through enemy of tormenting approaches. In the event that we investigate the insights it is evaluated that 30 percent of American kids are normally engaged with harassing, either as menaces, casualties, or both (NRCSS, 2001). Additionally, specialists have likewise called attention to that around 15 percent of understudies are seriously damaged or bothered by either harassing occurrence, and around eight percent of the understudies report being deceived in any event once every week (Hoover and Oliver, 1996; Skiba and Fontanini, 2000). Bullying is one of the most genuine enemy of social exercises that can hurt people and gatherings. ... Then again, youngsters who menace are bound to become fierce and forceful grown-ups (Banks, 2000). It is imperative to take note of that even those understudies who are not legitimately associated with tormenting are influenced. Youngsters and teenagers who regularly witness tormenting at school experience the ill effects of weakness feeling and have a less secure learning condition. They dread that they may turn into the objective of tormenting sometime in the future. In the event that we consider the measurements of the genuine effect of harassing in schools, scientists found that 160,000 understudies miss school each day because of dread of assault or terrorizing by a domineering jerk (Fried and Fried, 1996). Generally around 20 percent of understudies fear harassing during a significant part of the school day (Garrity, et al., 1997). Weinhold and Weinhold (1998) assessed that 10 percent of understudies who drop out of school are a result of continued tormenting. Additionally, 60 percent of understudies as indicated by Banks (2000) portrayed as menaces in grades 6-9 had in any event one criminal conviction when they arrive at the age 24. Subsequently, these measurements bring up that there is a pressing need to get approaches in the schools to control harassing. Procedures to battle harassing A few analysts have said that the best methods for tending to harassing is through thorough, school-wide projects including understudies, guardians, instructors and advisors (Atlas and Pepler, 1998). It is likewise imperative to have extraordinary projects intended to diminish the harassing exercises in schools. For example, the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, created, refined, and efficiently assessed in Bergen, Norway, in the mid-1980s, is extraordinary compared to other realized activities intended to diminish

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How to Write a Multi State Essay

How to Write a Multi State EssayThe most important thing to remember when you are writing a multi state essay is that it should not be boring. In fact the main problem with state essays is that they tend to become boring in some cases and boring in others. There are three basic areas in which an essay needs to cover and here we will look at how to look at the key points within the state topic.The first of the three main types of state topics is the one that revolves around, 'What was the issue that caused the state to have an issue?' One of the first of the problems with an essay that deals with this topic is that it tends to become too theoretical. Rather than writing an essay about, 'what were the causes of the state becoming problematic', why not write an essay about, 'what led to the problem of the state becoming problematic'. It's quite simple really.Another type of state essay is the one that asks questions. The most common way of doing this is to ask a question, 'what is the k ey issue that caused the state to have an issue?' If there is no answer, then you need to start looking at other areas of the essay that deals with the problems that led to the state to become problematic.Finally, the one of the most important types of state essays is the one that deals with, 'what does the state need to do to improve?'. Again, many writers often don't realise that the essay should make its own conclusion. Instead, if the question doesn't help, they should look for another area of the essay that does and ask what that area is.Of course, these questions will likely differ from person to person but this is where the aim of the essay should be. Don't focus on the issues itself, rather, you should concentrate on how those issues can be improved and how the ideas within those issues could potentially help the world. There are many other questions you could ask and you should use them to increase the depth of your essay.In order to answer the next questions you might have for yourself, you should consider checking out some books or articles that have some interesting things to say about state topics. For example, in the late 90s the nuclear weapons may have been used in Iraq, but the country still had problems with drugs and crime. If you look at some of the essay topics you could come up with something like, 'how did this nuclear weapons conflict affect Iraq's drug problems and crime rates?'The final tip to remember is that you shouldn't worry too much about being overly pedantic. The purpose of the essay is to tell a story and to give the reader an insight into how a certain country has dealt with particular issues in the past. Try to think about other options as well as approaching the subject from a logical point of view.

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Improving Our Cognitive Function At Any Age - 1134 Words

Improving our cognitive functions at any age seems to be a good idea. In a world where the ageing population will soon outnumber the young it is an event more important to find a way to protect and enchants them. Everywhere there more and more different products that promise to keep the mind young and sharp. They can be found everywhere from the Apple App store, where you can find apps that help you improve problem solving and decision making abilities to the pharmacy, where you can find tens of different dietary supplements that claim to improve memory. Unfortunately, not all of them really help, therefore, the question is there something that can really maintain or improve our cognitive functions for real. One of the many hypothesis is†¦show more content†¦Podewils et al. (2005) found that it is possible that physical activities decreases the risk of dementia and conserve cognitive function. The study calculated the leisure-time energy expenditure and an activity index reflecting number of different physical activities of 3, 375 men and women over the age of 65 that did not suffer from dementia that participated in Cardiovascular Health Cognition Study. After a mean follow-up of 5.4 years, 480 of the participants has developed dementia. After multivariate adjustment, the study found that individuals who participated in 4 or more activities had a lower risk of dementia the those who engaged in one or less. Laurin et al. (2001), Scarmeas et al. (2001) and Larson et al. (2006), also, found similar relationship between physical exercise and dementia in people age of 65 and older. They all found that regular physical activity reduce the risk of dementia and/or preserve cognitiv e functions. Up to this point we saw evidence that physical exercise can prevent the decline of cognitive functions in later life, but that does not mean that it improves them. There are some studies that could not find a relationship between exercise and cognitive functions in people over the age of 65. For example, Sturman et al. (2005) could not find evidence that physical activity alone protects against cognitive decline in this age group. They assed 4055 adults over the age of 64 on with questions

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It is widely accepted that people drink alcohol in order...

It is widely accepted that people drink alcohol in order to deal with stress. Therefore would that also hold true with college students? Do Eastern Michigan University students drink to be social and to deal with stressors associated with college life? Information on the significance of the problem addressed College should be the best four years of our lives. Instead studies are showing that students are showing record levels of stress in regards to college. Academics, finances, family issues, and concerns with finding a job after graduation top the list of stressors. The Michigan State University student newspaper, The Independent Voice (Feb. 2013) noted that â€Å"more than half of college students reported above average or†¦show more content†¦Students who binge drink are more likely to put themselves and others at risk for injury by operating or riding in a motor vehicle after drinking. Annually an estimated 30,000 college students require medical treatment after overdosing on alcohol. Lastly, students who attend schools with high rates of binge drinking experience a greater number of secondhand effects such as disruption of sleep or study, property damage, and verbal, physical, or sexual violence. One statistical forecast we found while reviewing the literature stat ed that between 2% to 3% of the nation’s college undergraduates will ultimately die from alcohol-related causes. The National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions conducted a recent survey which noted that 19% of college students’ age eighteen to twenty-four years of age met the criteria from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual on Mental Disorders for alcohol abuse or dependence. Five percent of those same students sought treatment for alcohol problems in the past year while 3% of them thought they should seek help but did not. The U.S. Surgeon General and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS) identified binge drinking among college students as a major public health problem. In â€Å"Healthy People 2010† which sets U.S. public health goals through the year 2010, the Federal government has singled out binge drinking among college students for a specific, targeted reduction (i.e., from 39 to 20Show MoreRelatedThe Nature vs. Nurture Debate in Learning More about Alcoholism2588 Words   |  11 Pagesnurture debate concerning alcohol abuse and alcoholism. STATISTICS: The abuse of alcohol alone is estimated at $144.1 billion dollars annually. Every man, woman and child in America pays nearly $1,000 a year to cover the costs of unnecessary health care, auto accidents, crime and lost of productivity resulting from alcohol abuse. Alcohol deaths account for approximately five percent of all deaths occurring in the United States. Alcohol is considered to be one of the most widely used drugs as it attacksRead MoreThe Risks Associated With Alcohol Use and Alcoholism3271 Words   |  14 PagesAlcoholism Today Alcohol consumption is prevalent in our society; people drink while at parties, sporting events, and at dinner. Drinking is socially acceptable and legal, so there is no surprised that many drink. However, individuals can be deemed deviant if they exceed a certain level of drinking. The deviant receives the label of an alcoholic; to distinguish their behavior is outside the normal values of our society. â€Å"Nearly one-third of the US population will meet criteria for alcohol abuse or dependenceRead MoreAmspar Business Project Essay4790 Words   |  20 Pagesher help in compiling the practice statistics. All the Staff at the McBean Centre for library advice and providing me with somewhere to work! TERMS OF REFERENCE AIMS To investigate the feasibility of establishing a well man clinic in order to improve the service to patients and the effectiveness of the unit. OBJECTIVES 1. To investigate the current health issues of the male population and the need for a well man clinic. (Questionnaires, DMICP Data). 2. To researchRead MoreDrug Abuse in Hk8526 Words   |  35 Pagessubstances by young people P.5-6 Causes of Abuse and Difficulties of Giving Up P.7-8 Motivations hindered behind for risking lives-P.9-10 Hong Kong Youth Caught in Wave of Ketamine Addiction P.11-12 Insights into the motivations of the drug user in Hong KongP.13-14 Conclusion----------------------------------------------------------------P.15 Works Cited---------------------------------------------------------------P.16 Appendix A-â€Å"An Examination of the Relationship between Stress and Substance AbuseRead MorePerceived Stress Levels and Stress Management Among Paramedical Students Lyceum of the Philippines University: Towards Stress Management Enhancement15005 Words   |  61 PagesPerceived Stress Levels and Stress Management Among Paramedical Students Lyceum of the Philippines University: Towards Stress Management Enhancement Maribel D. Mayuga-Barrion, DDM, MAT It is recognized that stress is a normally occurring part of life. Selye was the first to describe the term stress as a state produced within an organism subjected to a stimulus perceived as a threat (Selye, 1957). He spoke of stress as a condition that occurs commonly in response to any adaptive response withinRead MoreSubstance Abuse15082 Words   |  61 Pagessituation where an addict feels he/she must have drugs in order to live; this is the term to describe psychological dependence. Physical dependence occurs when the body metab olism adapts to the presence of the drugs, when the drug is removed strong withdrawal symptoms are produced. This withdrawal syndrome is experienced as sickness, stomach upset and muscular pain. Hallucinations and convulsions may also occur. EXPLAIN WHY ALCOHOL IS A DRUG Alcohol is a drug because it affects the body tissues andRead MoreHow Addiction Effects the Psychological and Physical Functioning of Daily Life7330 Words   |  30 Pageswork. This research relates to counseling. The field of counseling looks at methods that will engage an individual with personal issues and how they cope on daily basis. I have several reasons why this topic is of interest to me. I am a Certified Alcohol/Drug Counselor, currently employed as a supervisor at a Women’s Residential Misa Facility. I have been in this field for 10 years and I remain baffled by the dynamics of addictions. My primary interest in this topic is in hopes of obtaining additionalRead MoreHolistic Approach14986 Words   |  60 Pagesyou from that affliction. According to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), 40 percent of hypertensive patients could do without their medications when they gave up smoking, limited alcohol consumption, reduced sodium intake, and exercised moderately. Therefore, understanding the causes of disease can bring about not only the prevention but also a cure of a disease. Prevention better than cure Unlike conventional Western medicine, which focuses on reducing and mitigatingRead MoreThe American Culture : Key Values10736 Words   |  43 Pagesfeel uncomfortable with too much protocol at first meetings. This relatively ‘casual’ approach is reflected in the speed with which they move to a first name basis, even with people they have just met. For an American the informality is a way of showing friendliness and warmth. Depending on the context, most Americans would be quite happy with a similarly brief, informal farewell or goodbye. However, you can find that in some service situations, the customer is thanked more profusely (â€Å"thank youRead MoreSpain and Japan Wine Industry Factbook12631 Words   |  51 Pagesthe economic and political risk within the industry. 7 Provide future outlook and give conclusion in which we will specify our advice for further investments in two countries. 1.2. Scope and Limitations of Research This factbook is necessary in order to make a comparison between two countries in a certain industry, specifically focuses on assessing, comparing and analyzing relevant conditions of the business opportunities and limitations for investments. The emphasis is on how beneficial effects

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The Targeting Strategies used by Dubai Islamic Bank Free-Sample

Questions: 1.Examine current Market Targeting, Segmentation and Positioning Theory. 2.Examine Current Process used by Dubai Islamic Bank to Target, Segment and Position it self in Banking Sector. Answers: 1.Introduction Just as the name says, Dubai Islamic Bank is an Islamic bank located in Dubai and whose headquarters are still in Dubai. Having been started in 1975, it became the first bank to implement traditional Islamic laws, rules and regulation in their business operations. To be precise it was the first bank in the whole of United Arab Emirates to implement such laws in its banking system and strives its best to be the pioneer and retainer of those laws and values. Just like any other bank, the DIB is public joint stock company whose shares are also recorded and documented in the Dubai Financial market. Therefore, this means that its operations are just like any other banks when it comes to any other business but differs slightly in the laws that govern the operations such as trust and innovation (Laketa et al, 2015). In addition to that, for the company, the customers are always a priority and therefore have to do what is best for them. In that case, this project will discuss the current pro cess that the bank uses to target its customers, segment its market and position itself in the banking sector. However, despite the differences in which it operates, the bank manages to keep itself in the market and is currently growing and developing at a high rate. 2.Current Processed Used Customer First Initiative Just as mentioned earlier, the banks idea is to first put its customers needs before anything else. The bank has made this activity one of its most desired objective and goal, i.e. be it external or internal customers they are all treated equality and as a priority. Additionally, it has become the objective of every employee as well hence attracting more customers because of the special treatment they receive from the employee and services offered. Also, with this in mind, every activity that the bank undertakes is for the greater satisfaction of the customers needs (Mohamed et al, 2013). In general, this is actually the main reason every business exists and has always proved to be a very effective strategy to implement. Branch Opening It has been discovered that DIB has over 90 branches in the UAE which are currently operational. As every business continues to grow, it starts to expand and therefore open branches in different locations where there is promising and potential success. With this fact, DIB seem to be operating in many different countries in Pakistan and considering the fact that they are still operational, then the business is still thriving. Also, it means that it carries a large share of clients who help it keep running in all its branches. Effective Technology Usage The bank has currently devised a way to fasten the process of servicing the customers. When a customer wants to open an account or do any banking activity, they can do it electronically by use a seamless process which completes the processes in 15-20 minutes tops. The implementation of this technology was done simply because the demand for banking services was increasing and the process was so slow and tiresome. Therefore, by trying to fasten the process for the customers, it will definitely attract more and also increase their loyalty. Customer Centered Organization Basically, DIB is a customer centered bank which focuses on not only improving but also retaining the traditions and the laws that govern its operations but still relate to the culture and traditions of majority of its customers. The bank offers a lot of support for the customer groups, traditional events and other charitable events like fundraisings. In addition to that, it serves its customers through participating in community development, non-profitable organizations and other humanitarian organizations that serve the community juts for economic growth and development (Draghici, 2011). Research Area The research area is the precisely the Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) which is already discussed in the information above. Research Question How effective are the targeting strategies used by Dubai Islamic Bank? Internal Data This will certainly be derived from the banks accounting and financial reports, its reports from the customers, managers, market analysts and other people who are involved in the banks operations, especially those that are related to its market positioning and segmentation. These reports will be very current and relevant. For instance, the reports for the end of year 2016. External Secondary Source These are the sources listed in my reference section. The sources for my report information are certainly very informative and factual. The data that is contained there relates to the issue on how businesses would want to increase and improve its market share and segment. Additionally, they talk about techniques which businesses can use to attract more customers and keep itself in the market as well. The sources help me answer my research questions by giving a clear understanding of the topic with reference to DIB bank. With that information, I am able to source my research questions answers. Furthermore, they sources are very recent (less than 7years old) and are also very relevant to the topic itself besides the specific research questions. My sources certainly written from an academic point of view by educational researchers who were pretty curious about business growth and development and especially the market increase and market segment. AUTHORS DATE AREA OF PUBLIC TITLE REASON OF CHOICE True Banking Team Sept 2010 Islamic Banking industry forecast, growth and development Islamic microfinance reshaping the lives of poor Contains most of the information about the banking and market targeting strategies of most banks in the region and especially of the type as the DIB. Central bank of UAE 2014 Data on DIBs infrastructure growth Automated teller machines distribution in UAE Has a lot of information on the financial status of the DIB therefore shedding light on its status in the international market. Abul Hassan, Abdelkader Chachi and Salma Abdul Latiff 2008 Scholarly paper on marketing and ethics in Islamic banking Islamic Marketing Ethics and Its Impact on Customer Satisfaction in the Islamic Banking Industry Shows the basic marketing, segment and positioning strategies of many businesses in general especially the Islamic business and customer relations. Pricewaterhousecoopers PWC 2010 Scholarly paper on Islamic banking Finance Islamic Finance Creating value Contains information about the general Islamic banking techniques, procedures and rules which therefore governs the DIB bank. Conclusion The above processes are basically some of the easiest ways which any business can use to target, segment and position itself in its market. Additionally, every business objective is to satisfy its customers needs. Therefore, for DIB is no different because this being their very main aim and objective, they are to achieve it really well. Apparently, the bank also involves itself in many other activities that are likely to attract customers, increase their loyalty and maintain the customers for as long as it takes. Also, they are able to segment and position themselves in their market by starting up many branches in different locations where there operations are also popular, famous and well recognized by many. 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